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Sketching for Absolute Beginners

This is an online version of a full day workshop where you'll get started on your sketching journey faster than you think!

Step by step we'll cover 

  • materials - what you need to get started
  • basic drawing - a few tips and tricks on pens and mark-making
  • where to start - overcome your fear of the blank page
  • setting the scene - what to sketch in simple steps 
  • adding colour - bring your sketch to life with a touch of watercolour 
  • next steps - tips to take your sketching journey further

Do I need any previous sketching experience?

Definitely not! This workshop is designed for anyone who believes they cannot draw or is scared to try.  You will be able to work from the comfort of your own home but ask for feedback and support at every stage. You can also find support and inspiration in my private Facebook group. 

How long are the videos?

Each video is between 2-10 minutes - a couple are a little longer.  Some are split into Chapters so that you can pause and restart them right where you left off.  You can take each and every module at your own pace and work through them more than once if you need to.  

What will I sketch?

In addition to the practice tutorials you will complete 2 coloured sketches.  One is a window scene with pot plants and shutters and the other is a beautiful stone house by the Canal du Midi.

What do I need?

I will be using items in a Starter Sketch Kit.

In this workshop we'll use 

  • A sketchbook or some paper suitable for ink and watercolour
  • A pencil  
  • A waterproof ink pen
  • Watercolour pencils and a sharpener
  • A waterbrush or watercolour brush
  • A basic set of watercolour paints 
  • A water pot
  • Tissues or a rag
  • A white gel pen or other white marker   

It's really not the end of the world if you don't have all of these items, so please feel free to email me if you have questions before signing-up for the online class.

Workshop price: 49€


6 Modules

Getting Started

Take a quick look inside the workshop that will start you on your sketching journey!

Sketch Kit

A quick introduction to the tools you'll find useful when sketching with line and watercolour - especially on location.  (Approx 15 minutes)

Making Marks

2 short exercises to start doodling and drawing - with ink!  (Approx 15 minutes)

A Window in Watercolour Pencils

Step-by-step we will sketch a window and then complete it with watercolour pencils (Approx 50 minutes)

House by the Canal du Midi

I'll guide you through how to sketch with ink and watercolour this pretty blue-shuttered house by the Canal du Midi (Approx 60 minutes)

Modules for this product 6

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