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A very warm welcome to the online space for '#amsketching'!  

In this virtual space I'll be sharing videos, tips, tutorials and other goodies, and I'm so delighted that you're here.  It's free to join this membership area - simply sign-up via the button below to create a free account and for further information about my online classes & other offers.

I looking forward to sketching with you! 

Available Products

A Year in the Vines - Languedoc Vine Guardians Sketchbook 2024

A Year in the Vines‘ gives you a unique chance to sketch life in a French vineyard from the comfort of your own home!  Whilst developing your sketching skills these online classes will follow activities at a small organic winery every month of the year.

Zoom Workshops Summer 2024

Tuesdays are Zoom days and in these workshops we’ll sketch some a selection of images using different techniques with inks, pencils and watercolour.  Classes start 2pm Paris time and last approximately 90 minutes - click here for your timezone !

Simplifying a Complex Scene

Purchase the recording of this live masterclass hosted by ShopKeepArty.  Paint along step by step as I show you how to simplify this complex riverside scene at Roquebrun. Combining loose linework and a mix of bold and transparent watercolour, you will see how you can create vibrant and dynamic paintings in an urban sketching style.

Dynamic Colour Choices: Creating Unique Urban Sketches

Discover unique ways in giving vibrancy to your watercolour urban sketches in this 90-minute class with Etchr Studio!

Watercolour Shortcuts - Urban and Rural Sketching

Discover unique ways in giving vibrancy to your watercolour urban sketches in this 90-minute class with Etchr Studio!

Urban Sketching Streets in Southern France

Take your urban sketching to the streets of Southern France in this 90-minute art class with Etchr Studio!

French Café Scene Masterclass

Learn to bring your urban sketches to life by working with light, shadow and layers of vibrant watercolour in this 2-hour small-group masterclass hosted by Etchr Studio

Sketching for Absolute Beginners

If you have no previous drawing/painting experience or very little creative confidence this is the workshop for you! 

Macarons in Watercolour

Sketch these colourful macarons and pick up several watercolour tips and tricks along the way!

French Village Sketchbook - Spring

Sign-up for this bundle of 3 Spring French Village Sketchbook workshops (6 completed sketches!) for just 87.75€! 😎

'Colours of the Mediterranean' Workshop Bundle

Treat yourself to a colourful painting holiday in the south of France - virtually!   

On the Street Where You Live

In this personalised series of 4 'virtual' 1:1 travel sketching classes, we'll create a beautiful sketch in line and watercolour of a scene where you live!

Tarte aux Myrtilles

A series of short step-by-step videos to guide you through this fun little watercolour sketch of a gorgeous blueberry tart.

Gift Vouchers!

Treat someone special (or yourself) to a sketching workshop or holiday - online or in person!

Menu du Jour

Sketch some traditional French foods whilst learning techniques with line and watercolour - bon appétit!

Les Tournesols

Fun tips and techniques to sketch sunflowers in two very different ways using watercolour and watercolour pencils.

Les Lavandes

A colourful workshop to have fun with watercolour techniques, colour mixing and simplified landscape perspective! 

Côte d'Azur

Let's dive into the big blue and create 2 striking sketches along this famous and beautiful coastline.

Les Flamants Roses

Stretch your sketching and watercolour wings and capture these pink flamingos in two very different styles!

Le Petit Déjeuner & a View across the Vineyards

In this workshop we will sketch a landscape view overlooking a local vineyard and le petit déjeuner! 

Coquelicots & the Chapel

This workshop will guide you step-by-step to sketch some poppies by the roadside and the gateway to an ancient chapel using ink, watercolour and watercolour pencils.

L'apéro & the Village Square

Develop your observational drawing skills in this workshop with pencil and watercolour to sketch a classic local apéritif and a view of the village square.  Santé!

Sketching Kit

This basic kit contains all that you need to get started with sketching in ink and watercolour. 

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