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Multicolour Daffodil!

This short tutorial is ideal if you are new to sketching or would simply like to have some fun with colour!

On a step-by-step basis we'll work through drawing the flower. This is a great way of learning how to look for key shapes and keep things in proportion.

Working through a range of colours we'll add some vibrancy to the sketch.  In this way you'll become more familiar with your own colour palette and how colours can be used more effectively.

In this tutorial I am using

  • A5 sketchbook with paper suitable for watercolour 
  • A pencil and eraser 
  • A basic set of watercolour paints 
  • A round watercolour brush 
  • A water pot
  • Tissues or a rag

I am using a basic travel watercolour set with the colours below.  You do not need these exact colours to do the tutorial - as long as you have at least one yellow, one red and a blue it will be fine!

Workshop price: 10€

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