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Le Chant des Cigales

Sketching can be storytelling; a narrative of where you are, your travels, your daily life. 

Combining text with your drawings is a lovely way to fill a sketchbook!  

This short workshop has some tips and ideas for creating beautiful journal pages.  For this example I have chosen an insect (did you know that the noise from cicadas can reach 90 decibels?!) - but you don't have to use an insect for your journal page - you can apply these techniques to any subject you like!

Previous sketching experience is not essential. With photos and guides we will work through every stage one section at a time.  I recommend a simple sketch kit - the items I am using include

  • a sketchbook with paper suitable for watercolour 160gsm+
  • a pencil & eraser
  • a pen with waterproof ink
  • a basic set of watercolour paints (for this workshop I will be using just a few watercolours (yellow, burnt sienna and cerulean blue)
  • a watercolour brush 
  • tissue/rag
  • jar of clean water
  • spare blank paper
  • watercolour pencils
  • white gel pen (or white paint)
  • masking tape and ruler (optional)

If you have questions before signing-up for the workshop, please feel free to email me!

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