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Spring French Village Sketchbook

In these 3 workshops we'll create 6 different sketches in and around the village where I live in southern France.

Each workshop includes a warm-up sketch followed by a location scene, where we'll use line and watercolour in different ways.

Even if you have never sketched before, we will work together on drawing one shape at a time.  You'll also learn simple techniques and shortcuts with watercolour and watercolour pencils to create interesting and attractive effects.

You can ask for feedback and support at each stage of the workshop, and you can also find support and inspiration in the private group on Facebook. 

Individual workshops: 39€ 

Spring French Village Sketchbook series of 3 workshops: 87.75€ 

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1 Lesson

Spring French Village Sketchbook

Take a quick look inside the Spring French Village Sketchbook!

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